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My interview with Dallas Willard

Dallas Willard passed away today after recently being diagnosed with cancer. It would be impossible to describe just how formative Dallas’ work has been for me personally, and for many others. I’m not sure his impact on the thinking of what would later become the emerging Christian movements has been adequately attributed.

I had a few opportunities to speak with Dallas over the years. More than once I travelled long distances by myself just to hear him speak. The last time was almost three years ago when I interviewed him for a christianaudio podcast called Author Sketches. At the time, I was doing these interviews as a part-time gig and jumped at the chance to interview Dallas about his then current book, Knowing Christ Today. I blogged through that book, chapter-by-chapter, here at Pastoralia.

If you’re interested, you can download the interview for free by clicking here (but you’ll have to register). You can tell in the interview I’m more than a little giddy and starstruck, but you can also tell just how incredibly humble and generous Dallas was.

You’ll be missed Dallas. Peace to you in your rest and to your family in their mourning.

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