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Mumford and Sons on Letterman

So, last week I met a new friend in Houston named James. He gave me a bit of hell in the Q&A portion of my panel for “unfairly picking on Martin Luther” in my paper concerning the development of the autonomous self through the theological validation of usury, and wanted to know if I didn’t think Luther’s contributions in that way couldn’t be seen as part of the Hegelian notion of progress. I said “no” – I think Luther just caved to pressure from his new patrons, the emerging German princes.

Anyway, I came to know James a bit better later on and found out that not only is he brighter than me, he’s incredibly talented as well (he’s currently writing a screenplay) and he’s royalty. Sort of. His mum and dad (John and Eleanor Mumford) are legends in the Vineyard and the heads of the Vineyard Association in the U.K.

Well, apparently, they’re an unbelievably talented family, because his brother Marcus heads up a band – Mumford and Sons – that made their American network debut last night on Letterman. Check em out:

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  1. Geoffrey Hsu says:

    LOL, theological validation of usury and the Hegelian notion of progress… Dude you need a day job.

  2. Jason Coker says:

    Tell me about it : )

  3. brambonius says:

    Great song… But this is the censored version… Marcus does sing something else than ‘messed it up’ on their CD and on the version that is a big hit here in Flanders on the radio…

    Great CD also by the way…

  4. when our friends the hopes from bristol were here last thanksgiving, tom turned me on to mumford and sons…awesome to see them them on letterman – even the censored version!

  5. Jason Coker says:

    Indeed they do Bram…that’s America for you : )

  6. Bill Kinnon says:

    Because of you and the clip, I’ve just bought the album. Love their sound.

  7. Clay says:

    That’s my new favorite song.

  8. denise says:

    These guys are awesome!

  9. Also closely associated to Holy Trinity Brompton, London (where Alpha originated and is still directed from). They have done well in the UK over the past few months too. I think they’re going to be huge.

  10. brambonius says:

    releasing the only song on the CD with the f-word in it as a first hit single is the right way to not be claimed as a ‘christian band’ I guess… it’s a big hit here though… and that for a country where folk and indie hardly ever get into the single charts…

  11. Shane Tucker says:


    I’m an American who’s been living and working in the UK & Ireland for 11 years. This month I’m moving the family to Nashville to pursue a long term dream to pastor Creatives as a ‘soul friend’. Toward that end, I launched a charity in the US & Canada called Soul Friend which you find here: http://www.artistsoulfriend.com

    If you’re willing, I’d love to get in touch with James regarding his creative aspirations. I can track him down from over here, but if you have a personal connection and he’s interested, I’d love to have a conversation with him.

    Blessings on you and yours!

  12. Jason Coker says:

    HI Shane,

    Congrats on following your sense of calling. Good stuff.

    I can pass along your information to James and let him get in touch with you. He’s mostly based in the UK, so I don’t know if it will make much logistical sense, but perhaps there’s a way to connect.

    On another note, you might consider getting in touch with William Guice in the Nashville area. He a friend and a missional practitioner there.


  13. Tiggy says:

    Hi, I met a band recently who are described as being a bit like Mumford and Sons. They are just getting big and recently played support to Bob Dylan at the Hop Festival here. They’ve toured in the US and are signed to Island Records, I think. They are called ‘Kill It Kid’ .


    The drummer goes to my church and maybe some of the others (not sure cos I don’t know everyone there), but I met him at a gig and he said he was a fan of mine. :-)


    1. TheyCallMePastorBryan | Monday Morning Musics | Mumford & Sons

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